Rental Car Ticket

FAQ Title

How do I obtain an electronic copy of a W-9 from ATS Processing Services, LLC?
Download the W-9 here.

Who is ATS?
Why was I charged an administration fee?
Why was my credit card billed?
What is a Transfer of Liability?
I already paid the amount due for the parking violation directly to the Issuing Authority or the Rental Car Company.
How can I make payment?
How can I obtain a copy of the violation citation or ticket?
What happens if I fail to pay?
I was not renting a vehicle at the time of the toll or citation.
I was unaware I was taking responsibility for tolls, traffic and parking violations, and administrative fees when I rented a vehicle.
The vehicle I rented was stolen and was not in my possession at the time that the toll or violation occurred.
Although I rented the vehicle, I was not driving at the time the toll or violation occurred.
I used my personal transponder while renting the vehicle and am now being charged for tolls. How can I resolve this issue?
I used the transponder provided by the Rental Car Company and am now being charged for a toll citation. How can I resolve this issue?
I want to dispute the charge on my card.
Why was the credit card charge from ATS Processing Services instead of the rental car company?
I don’t remember getting a ticket while renting the vehicle.
I didn’t know I was on a toll road.
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